Meet Jade Cintron, Associate Director of Rutgers Summer Acting Conservatory

Jadeshot copy.jpg

Jade Cintron

When Jade Cintron was 17,  just before the start of her senior year in high school, she enrolled in the Rutgers Summer Acting Conservatory (RSAC), a rigorous training program for would-be actors. Now, she is the associate director of the program, designed for teens 14-18. Jade Cintron moved to Barcelona, Spain, in 2009 shortly after graduating from then-Rutgers College. She has been returning to Rutgers every summer since 2013 to teach at the conservatory.  This year, she is taking a more active role in the program, which runs from July 2-30. Jade Cintron, who teaches English and theater to children and adults in Barcelona, has seen the Rutgers Summer Acting Conservatory develop and grow. Students from all across the country come to Rutgers to work on their craft.  There are also classes in theater history, appreciation and stage craft. She said the program has a motto: Living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.  “We don’t want kids to come here thinking they will be rich and famous.  We are not performance-focused. It’s not about that final curtain call as much as the process and what you learn about yourself as a person. That’s what makes you a good actor…It’s not about playing a character. It’s about finding your inner connection to that character.”

Here’s more of our conservation with Jade Cintron, who is leading the conservatory auditions Saturday, April 1, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Auditions, which are required, also will be held May 13 and May 27.

What do you do when you’re not performing?

If I’m not singing or doing something related to musical theatre, I’m running or rollerblading. I love running in 5ks, 10ks and have also completed two triathlons.

If you could play any other instrument, what would it be? Why?

Currently, I’m a singer and don’t play an instrument but when I was a teen, I played drums for 4 years. I would definitely go back to that!

Where’s your favorite place to listen to music?

In the car.

Where’s your favorite place you’ve performed?  

Definitely Barcelona. I lived there for 8 great years and had the pleasure of doing some musicals as well as several cabarets.

What inspires you? Traveling inspires me to the max. If I’ve got a plane ticket somewhere, I feel better!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Watching The Golden Girls or Murder, She Wrote — nothing more Jade Cintron than that!

Why do you teach? What’s the most rewarding part of teaching?

It makes me feel whole and I get excited when students and I can exchange learning and teaching moments.

 Have you ever considered a career outside the arts?

My other direction would have been in museum/cultural management or cultural tour guide.

 What’s your favorite movie? The Wizard of Oz.

Do you remember the moment you fell in love with your art?

Not the exact moment but it definitely came from singing.

What was the first record or CD you bought?

Cassette Tape – Toni Braxton and CD – Celine Dion



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