The “Infinite Ways” of Design: 2015 Rutgers Summer Design Intensive


Lydia is 14 and wants to do something arts-related,
but isn’t quite sure which art she’ll focus on.

Ally is 17 and knows she wants to do this in college.

Matt is 17 and has always been interested in design.


Lydia said she’s here because she couldn’t take a design elective at her school last year.
Ally said she gets more practice with more advanced tools than at her school program.
Matt said he likes working on a computer all day and is excited to learn more.


Starting last week, a dozen students came together under the direction of Jacqueline Thaw to learn all about design.

The beauty of design, Jacqueline said, is that there are “infinite ways to solve the same problem,” and through immersion, several professional studio visits and case studies, students might get a chance to “find that this is something they are really passionate about.”


Week one she had the students work on a poster project for a fictitious event. Right now they are in the midst of a logo project, and week three will immerse the students in a book design project.

Now in its fourth year, the newly renamed Design Intensive will also allow students to develop portfolio-worthy pieces.

Ally said she wants to do just that.

“I’m looking forward to new experiences,” she said. “We’re covering a lot more than I would at my school. I’m really enjoying that, so I’ll be able to do more and know more when I go into college.”




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