Intensive Training, Intense Fun at the 2015 Rutgers Summer Acting Conservatory

When asked what RSAC 2015 was about in one short word, camp counselor David Inge called it a “garden,” where students can cultivate and grow their skills.

The 2015 Rutgers Summer Acting Conservatory (RSAC) is well underway at the Douglass Campus in New Brunswick, NJ. Around 40 high school students from various places have come together to develop their acting skills. With a rigorous schedule, tight-knit community and plenty of smiles, the campers are learning lots from their instructors and peers.

Here’s a sneak peek into their daily routine:


Assistant Director Jade Cintron explained that each camper needs to carry their belongings with them everywhere. Sounds intense already, but there’s a reason: Jade says it’s a great skill-building exercise where “[the students] have to recreate their room in any acting space which can help them craft their scene and their real-life circumstances.”

20150702_124341 20150702_122559

But the high school students, selected by a rigorous audition process, don’t stop learning there. Their days are filled with exciting classes, from Movement at 9am to various workshops in the evening. Voice, Directing, Speech, and Stagecraft are amongst the wide range of classes. There’s even an advanced acting track for returning campers.

An Extension Division staff member was able to sit in on a few classes. Voice, taught by instructor Jovani Zambrano, had the students running vocal exercises and stretches that help regulate their breathing. The classroom became alive with random sounds and interesting expressions.

IMG_1525 IMG_1532

Ten minutes away in another beautiful building on Douglass Campus, sounds of tapping shoes filled the air. A small class of students learning from instructor Corinne Tighe had their shoes out and moving. Two of the students had no prior tap experience, but were already seen doing complicated tap dance moves with encouraging smiles from their peers to help them out.

IMG_1544 IMG_1552IMG_1548

It’s certainly not all work and no play, however. So far they have enjoyed an RSAC alumni cookout over the July 4th weekend, with RSAC Director Marshall Jones commanding the grill.


RSAC 2015 will continue for a few more weeks. Several New York City trips are planned for each weekend, and there’s more showcases and guest speakers ahead. The month-long program is going strong; wish the campers, their instructors and staff good luck!



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