2015 Rutgers Drawing & Painting Intensive: Day One

The 2015 Rutgers Drawing & Painting Intensive has had a great start here in the Civic Square Building at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

Assistant Director Grace Jackson wrote a few notes for the Extension Division, outlining the happenings of Day 1 of the Drawing & Painting Intensive.

Here is what she had to say:

In the morning, we gathered in a circle to introduce ourselves and the course overview and expectations.  Following that, we assigned lockers and provided instruction and demonstrations for the afternoon’s drawing assignment.

photo 5

In the afternoon, the group split up into pairs to complete a series of drawing exercises exploring blind contour, cross-hatching, reduction, gesture, foreshortening and hand/head studies.

photo 2 photo 3(2)

The students worked together to complete the tasks, using each other as models.

Afterwards, each student selected a page from their sketch pad to hang on the wall for a brief informal discussion.

photo 5(2) photo 2(2)

Following this, the class “gessoed” canvases to prepare for tomorrow while watching an Art 21 episode on Californian conceptual artist John Baldessari.

photo 3

Overall, there have been no issues and all of the students seem friendly and focused!



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