Carnegie Hall Sneak Preview Tonight!

Carnegie Hall Sneak Preview Tonight!

You are cordially invited to this evening’s very special event.

“The other 57” Diabelli Variations!”

In 1819 Vienna, Austrian music publisher Anton Diabelli had a brilliant idea to invite 50 composers of his time to compose a single variation on a simple 32-measure waltz theme of Diabelli’s own creation.  Beethoven did not stop at one, but wrote 33 variations, which went on to become the staple of the piano repertoire.  This evening, we will hear “the other”, “the unknown” 50 variations, which include such greats as Czerny, Hummel, Moscheles, Schubert and Liszt, and some unknowns and new discoveries as Mozart’s second son Franz Xaver Wolfgang or the Beethoven’s famous pupil and patron, Archduke Rudolf.  The concert will also showcase 7 new exciting variations by our own Rutgers composers: Matt Anderson, Michael Bulychev-Okser, Minah Choi, Edgar Girtain, Chung Eun Kim, Patricio Molina, and Liza Sobel.

Twenty-five of our brilliant and brave pianists will be featured, curated by Min Kwon, with a slide presentation prepared by Robert Grohman, DMA piano.

The concert will provide a fascinating and comprehensive overview of the piano virtuosity that existed in Vienna in Beethoven’s time, and in New Brunswick today!

Please join us.  

Concert is Free.  Tonight at 7:30pm in Shindell Choral Hall.   

You haven’t lived until you’ve heard these variations in one concert!  

Best wishes,



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