Test out our “Buddy Lessons” Today!

Beginning this fall, buddy lessons with selected piano instructors will be available. We look forward to offering these lessons more broadly during the spring 2015 semester.

What is a ‘buddy lesson?’
Students may share a lesson slot with a sibling, friend or parent. Instruction will be geared towards both students simultaneously. Buddy lessons are effective ways for young students to transition into private lesson study. Schools offering buddy lessons report outstanding outcomes and higher rates of students continuing their studies past the first year.

How does it work?
–Same as a private lesson.
— A trial lesson will be booked prior to registering for an entire semester of lessons. The trial lesson, as with private lessons, is used to determine suitability of instructor and students for sibling lesson arrangement.
Recommended ages
–Generally, buddy lessons are best for young beginners, particularly those coming out of Young Maestros or Music Together.
–Buddy lessons are not encouraged for intermediate and advanced students of any age.
— Parents wishing to share the experience of learning to play in instrument with their child are encouraged to participate in buddy lessons.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!




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